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Panini Translate is a fully automated AI Powered Video Translation and Dubbing App, that translates and dubs videos in over 45+ global and regional languages.

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Delve into the World of Language
Translations and Video Dubbing

About The App

Video Translation: Panini Translate allows users to translate videos on their smartphones. The translation process is fast and automated, so there’s no need for manual intervention.

Subtitles and Audios: Panini Translate also enables users to generate audio translations with subtitles. This means you can choose between subtitles and audio for your translated content.

Seamless Switching: The app offers a seamless way to switch between the translated audio and subtitle tracks. This feature makes it easy for users to alternate between these two options based on their preferences.

External Web Sharing: You can create a link to share translated video for external viewing (single language at a time) on web browser, social media, messaging platforms, etc. However, note that this may take a while to process!

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